Curing the Bone Erosion (Asthi Theymanam)

Dr. Kalarickal Ashokan is the founder of the traditional medicine which helps in curing the bone erosion (asthy theymaanam). This medicine is the result of Dr. Kalarickal Ashokan’s hard work, experiments and dedication to the traditional Ayurvedic medicine. He is the one and only founder of the unique medicine which completely cures the type-2 diabetes in world history and this medicine has brought him Mother Theresa Award of 2009 by the Soft Petals Foundation in Mumbai and he has been privileged with a doctorate by Kolkata Vishvaprakash Open University. He has also found the medicine to completely cure the piles and various other diseases too.

Osteoporosis or bone erosion is a prevalent problem affecting almost everyone, but predominantly in women especially after their menopause. As the bone density for this disease decreases slowly, at first, osteoporosis produces no symptom. After the bone density decreases so much that the pain starts suddenly, and then only you realize that you are affected with this disease. The pain for this disease worsens when the persons stand or walk.

Bone erosion is a serious problem, especially among women nowadays. Even though there are a number of medicines and treatments available for bone erosion, only a very few are effective. The effective medicine or treatment might also contain a lot of side effects than its positive effects. Dr. Kalarickal Ashokan has developed an effective medicine for his patients suffering from bone erosion. This medicine is the result of the long hard work of Dr. Kalarickal Ashokan. This medicine is prepared in the form of oil which can be applied to the affected area by the patients by their own and its major specialty is that it has no side effects.

This treatment doesn’t require any surgeries, food plans or diets or consumption of medicines. Ladies can treat by themselves. This medicine has been effective for more than hundreds of people. In this treatment method, the physician has formulated the medicine which can produce bone marrow and fill in the decayed place and thus cure the bone erosion completely. A lot of his patients have declared that they have been cured from bone erosion with Dr. Kalarickal Ashokan’s treatment for bone erosion.

This medicine or special oil has to be applied on the affected area before you go into bed. After the experiments and verifications it has been proved that this disease can be completely cured after 60 days treatment under Dr. Kalarickal Ashokan.

This treatment is provided in Dr. Ashokan’s, Kalarickal Bone Erosion and Diabetic Clinic which is located at, vellanad, Trivandrum. This treatment is also available at N. V. Hospital Complex in Thiruvallam, Trivandrum.


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Asthi Theymanam

Dr. Kalarickal Ashokan is the founder of the traditional medicine



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